The GOSSIP Phantom Masternodes solution is divided into a frontend and backend system. The frontend is the Web console, and the backend server is the Phantom daemon. 

In the masternode.txt is the masternode configuration saved. The frontend server is creating the masternode.txt file and the backend daemon reads this config file. The masternode.txt is saved in a shared folder on which both systems have access. 

The frontend and the backend system are docker containers. The backend system is always the same and not need further customization. The frontend system is customized for the specific masternode project.

For a comfortable administrator for the docker containers we are using Portainer, it's a Web GUI for Docker. With Portainer you can comfortably start and stop your frontend systems. It's recommended to stop the frontend when you do not need them. So the web interface isn't working and we have no point of attack.

We also have a "watchtower" container running; this container will take care of the updates and will update the Phantom containers automatically when we provide an update. Don't stop this container or do something with it, let it run.

A backup for your masternode.txt is automated. You're receiving every day an email with the masternode.txt for every masternode which you have running. It's tested with Gmail addresses. It's good to whitelist the sender address and learn Gmail that's no spam because the server is sending the mail and it's not a trusted mail server. In some cases, you will not receive the email; it can be with Microsoft Office 365 mail addresses because they validate the sender mail address.