New installed VPS Server with Ubuntu 20.04

Update and Cleanup

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y --purge

Reboot the Server

sudo reboot

Start the installation

wget && sudo chmod +x && sudo ./

When the script finished:

source ~/.bash_aliases

Check the installation

Open the Portainer web interface for Docker in your browser and set a new password. (Put your VPS server IP address in the URL)


We will manage our local Docker on the VPS, choose "Local" and Connect.

You can navigate to "Containers" and you will see one container, this is our running web interface the Portainer itself.

That's all! We're finished with the base installation.

Control of the services - Security

We recommend that you only activate the Portainer GUI when you need it. We have created shortcuts for the most important commands so that you can use the system easily.

Firewall Statusfw-status
Firewall Enablefw-on
Firewall Disablefw-off
Portainer Statusportainer-status
Portainer Onportainer-on
Portainer Offportainer-off