In our new v2.2.1 release we have a lot of fixes and new features. In our repository you will finde the full changelog. 

We have implemented the HD function in the new version and it is standard in the GOSSIP Blockchain (unlike other coins).

This major change has changed the encryption algorithm for the address generation. Of course the previous versions are fully compatible, but if you want to change your wallet to "HD", there are some things to consider which we will explain here.

Since this update is mandatory, you have to choose one way, because the previous versions will no longer work in the future and will be disabled. Furthermore it is mandatory to update the master nodes.

You have to send all coins to a new generated address to yourself. Only after this you can convert the wallet. When you convert the wallet and you don't send all coins to a new generated address, your balance will be empty in the HD wallet (but not lost).

Before you start any actions, please make 2 backups of the wallet where your coins are stored. Close the wallet, copy the complete order. Then create a zip file from the folder (Windows right click on the folder --> Send to compressed zip). Now you have two backups, first the copied folder and second the zip archive.

Option 1: Update the Qt wallet and your Masternodes without the HD function

1. Update the Qt wallet

Download the Qt wallet, rename the existing wallet and put the new one in the wallet directory and start the wallet.

2. Update your masternode

The recommended and very well working method is the GOSSIP install script. The update will be ready very quickly.

wget && sudo chmod +x && sudo ./

Choose option 2 "Update". 

When it's done, go to your Windows wallet and re-activate the masternode (Start Alias)

Check the activation status in your masternode

sudo /root/ -f

It will show: "Masternode sucessfully started"

Done. Your masternode(s) and your Qt wallet now up to date.

Manually Installation

If you do not want to use our script and have installed it manually, replace the gossipd and gossip-cli file. 

Note: The daemon start command has changed. On the masternode wallet we don't need the HD function, so it must be disabled.

The parameter is: -usehd=0

The call could look like this: "gossipd -daemon -usehd=0" (depending on your personal configuration)

Option 2: Convert your Qt wallet to HD

You must have done Step 1 "Update the Qt wallet and your Masternodes without the HD function"

1. Resend the coins in the new wallet

As described above, we have to transfer all coins to a new address. By all of them I also mean the masternode collateral.

We simply create a new address and transfer our coins to this new address. Of course, there can be more than one address, as long as they are created with the new wallet. We do this until all coins are moved and only the masternode collaterals are left.

Now it is time to transfer the master node collateral to a new address. I choose the safe way which will cause the least problems.

Go to the wallet and under "Tools" --> "Open Masternode Configuration File". Please save the file to a location of your choice where you can find it again (Desktop). Please check if you really saved it there.  Go back to the wallet under "Masternode" and delete all masternode and restart the wallet.

Now you should see under "Send" "Coin Control" one or more amounts with 9999 GOSS. Please select them and send them to a newly generated address.

Wait a moment and check all your sums under "Coin Control". The confirmations should now all be very few. If there are still amounts with a high number of confirmations you have forgotten them. You can do this now.

Also check if the total sum is correct.

Now backup the wallet.dat or the whole wallet folder again. Better safe than sorry.

We are ready to convert. 

Go to "Tools" --> "Wallet Repair"

Press the last button "Ugrade non HD wallet to HD".

Now you will see a window with 24 words. Make a screenshot or a photo from this 24 words. You will see it only once.

Open your screenshot and press "Next" and put all words in the same range like it is on your screenshot.

Now the wallet will restart automatically and start the resync. Wait the full reync. When it's finished you will see your balance.

You updated your wallet sucessfully and convert them to the HD wallet.

2. Re-create your masternodes in the wallet

The last step is to re-deploy your masternodes in the Qt wallet. Create a new transaction and add the masternode. You can open your saved masternode.conf file, so you can copy the IP and masternode genkey. Don't copy the TX hash (second big number with a "0" or "1" in the end. the TX hash will be a new one, because we created a new transaction.

Re-open the wallet and check under "Coin Control" that the collateral with 9999 is locked. When it's not locked you did something not correct.

If you have multiple masternodes, re-create it one by one. Otherwise, I guarantee you'll get confused.

Activate your masternode(s): Choose the node an "Start Alias"

NOTE, before clicking start, make sure your transaction has AT LEAST 16 confirmations, you can check the number of confirmations by hovering the mouse cursor over the transaction in the Transactions tab.

Check the activation status in your masternode

sudo /root/ -f