If you have mined for several days, weeks and months to the same wallet address (or oif you wanted to send your whole GOSS balance at once to an exchange or to another wallet), you may have encountered the following error window:

The reason for this error message isn´t some kind of flaw in the wallet or bad coding, rather a protection of the blockchain from a transaction that is pages and pages long. 

The blockchain have an integrated inbuilt protection of 100.000 bytes per transaction.

There are at least three reasons a transaction may be too large:

  1. A large number of transparent outputs - caused by a large number of recipients
  2. A large number of transparent inputs - caused by a large amount of transparent value
  3. Many JoinSplits  - caused by a large amount of shielded value

The best way is to combine all individual transactions to a single input address.

Open your coin control dialog and switch to the tree mode. In our sample you can see a single address with 1429 inputs. The "Bytes" field above shows us in red 211,570 bytes.   

De-select the checkbox with the 1429 inputs and open with the ">"

Now you must select the transactions manually, the Bytes counter calculates the size from each input address. Remember, select not more than 100,000 bytes overall.

When you are done with the selection, press "OK". (you can select ~ 630 single inputs)

Go to the "Receive" dialog in the wallet, request a new address and copy them to the clipboard.

Switch to the "Send" dialog and paste the address from the clipboard in the "Pay To" address field. Copy the amount from the field "After Fee" and paste it to the amount field. Now it's important to select "Split UTXO" and set "1". It means, that all choosen single inputs will be combined into 1 single address.

Press "Send". The transaction needs at least one confirmation and you can see the result in your coin control dialog.