An application to monitor your GOSSIP masternode(s). You can see it running:


Have a GOSSIP masternode up and running.


wget && bash


You need your rpcuser and rpcpassword from your masternode.conf file/

cat .gossipcoin/gossipcoin.conf

Copy the rpcuser and rpcpassword value in a new text file on your Windows/Linux/MAC computer.

Go to the webserver directory and edit the monitoring config file and change the rpcuser and rpcpassword with your values and don't forget to safve the file:

nano /var/www/hmtl/config.php

Open your browser and put the IP address from your masternode in the address bar. 

When you have multiple masternodes, you musn't install this tool to everyone. Use in the config file:

$custom_mnlist = array("", "", "");

and put between the "" your masternode address