This version is outdated and needs to be redesigned. The technical content is correct.

Users can create multiple data directories and/or wallet.dat files using the following process

1. Download the latest wallet software from here

2. Create a new folder on the disk you want to use (in my sample C:\GOSSIP)

3. Move 'gossipcoin-qt.exe to' the newly created folder.

4. Create two new folders inside 'C:\GOSSIP' and rename them to 'wallet_1' and 'wallet_2'

5. Right click 'gossipcoin-qt' and click Create Shortcut. Do this two times so you get two shortcuts.

6. Rename the shortcuts to wallet_1 wallet_2

7. Right click the shortcut 'gossipcoin-qt - wallet_1' and go into properties. Make sure you are in the Shortcut tab.

8. In the Target box, add the line '-datadir=wallet_1' after 'gossipcoin-qt.exe'.

Make sure there is a space between them. You end up with something looking like this:

9. Repeat step 7 and step 8 with the 'gossipcoin-qt - wallet_2' shortcut. Replace 'wallet_1' with 'wallet_2' in step 8.

10. You are finished!

If you followed this tutorial 100% the xtrabytes folder should look something like this:

Use the shortcuts to start the wallet you want to use.

Note: Although these shortcuts can be placed anywhere, users should keep the program file and wallet/data folders in place.

Users may repeat this process until they have achieved the number of separate wallets and/or data directories desired.

Users may give their folders any name they desire as long as they provide the same name to their corresponding shortcuts '-datadir=*****' section.