1. Check out here which amount of collateral you are need

  2. Make a new transaction with the collateral amount to yourself

  3. Go to your wallet directory and make a backup from the masternode.conf file
  4. Open your masternode.conf with a texteditor and remove all. Safe the empty file.

  5. Close your wallet gracefully and open your wallet

  6. Wait the sync and check that your transaction from step 2 have at least 20 confirmations

  7. Go to Tools - Debug Console and receive with masternode outputs the new tx id

  8. Open your masternode.conf backup file and copy the old entry without the tx id
  9. Paste this in the empty masternode.conf file
  10. Go return to your open debug console and copy the new tx id behind the masternode genkey in the masternode.conf file. NOTE: Be shure that you have no space in the end
  11. Safe the masternode.conf and the masternode.conf backup file

  12. Close your wallet gracefully and open your wallet

  13. Go to Masternodes - My Masternodes in the wallet and klick with the right mouse button to your masternode and say Start. When you are receiving an error look here.

  14. Connect via SSH to your Linux VPS server and check the succesfully start from the masternode: ./gossipcoin-cli masternode status. You will see: Masternode sucessfully startet. When not, check that your transaction have at least 20 confirmations, or you can send the start command from point 13 again. Now your node must be successfully started.