Windows Wallet

  1. close the wallet when it’s open
  2. go to your directory in which is the wallet located.
  3. create a folder “GOS-SAFE” on your favorite place and copy the actual wallet.dat and the masternode.conf into your “GOS-SAFE” folder from the “old” wallet
  4. go return to your originalwallet folder
  5. delete all inside except of wallet.dat, masternode.conf and the backup folder
  6. download the new wallet from here and download the bootstrap.dat and the peers.dat from here
  7. unzip the files, copy the gossipcoin-qt.exe, the bootstrap.dat and the peers.dat in your original wallet directory
  8. start the wallet (gossipcoin-qt.exe)
  9. now the wallet will be synced
  11. Done

Linux Wallet

In short form: Stop the daemon, delete all gossipcoin files, download the new wallet and make a fresh setup.

systemctl stop gossipcoin.service or ./gossipcoin-cli stop

rm -r .gos*

rm gos*

rm /usr/local/bin/gos*

Follow this guide please