Step 1 - Download the wallet

Note: The most common is the Windows 64-bit Installer.

Never install the wallet on a OneDrive, GDrive, DropBox or other synced directory! The wallet will be corrupt.

Windows 64-bit InstallerWindows 64-bitWindows 32-bit

Step 2 - Install the wallet

Note: When you are using the installer, remember you install directory

When you are using the wallet from the .zip folder it's recommended to install the wallet in a custom defined folder, in many cases you have a folder structure for your different blockchain wallets, when not it's a good moment to start with it.

Don't start your wallet now!

Step 3 - Download the bootstrap.dat for a fast sync

Download the latest bootstrap zip file from here: and safe the .zip file e.g. on you Desktop.

Extract the .zip and put the bootstrap.dat file in your GOSSIP wallet directory:

Step 4 - Start your wallet

Let's run the wallet, execute the gossip-qt.exe.

Now you can see "Importing blocks from disk..." You have to wait until the blockchain is imported, leave the wallet open, don't close it and wait the full sync.